Sports Surfaces solutions

New Zealand Sports Turf Institute (NZSTI) is New Zealand’s only full-service sports surfaces consultancy group.

Laboratory Services

The selection of appropriate materials for construction is critical to sports surface performance.

Training & Education Solutions

NZSTI is a NZQA registered private training establishment that provides quality assured training and education solutions for the horticulture and sports turf industries.

Laboratory & Product Testing

The NZSTI Laboratory provides an extensive range of testing and analysis services to both the natural turf- and synthetic surface industries across New Zealand and the pacific region.   

We take pride in providing clients with simple interpretations of what their results mean, translating scientific data into meaningful information.   

Performance Testing & Benchmarking

NZSTI provides performance testing to both natural turf and synthetic sport surfaces.  
Our team of technicians and agronomists are well trained, experienced and equipped with the best instruments and technology in the world.

NZSTI also offers specialist safety testing for sport surfaces and are proud to have the only New Zealand based accredited technicians for FIFA and World Rugby on our team! 

Training & Education

NZSTI provides various turf training and education solutions across the full spectrum of sports turf management needs. We are equally adept in delivering theory or practical training and will happily prepare a customised course, workshop or seminar to address your specific turf training requirements.

Although most well-known for our turf management training programs, we are equipped and experienced in the delivery of various horticultural programmes and in first line management training.

Natural & Hybrid Sports Turf

Whether you are looking for expert advice on an existing sport surface or require professional consultation for a new build – we can help you! Our team of agronomists have seen it all and will provide relevant and personalised advice to help you get the most out of your natural turf. With our in-house laboratory services, and over 150 years of combined turf knowledge there is no one better qualified than NZSTI agronomy team to answer your questions and guide your turf related decision making. 

From scientific laboratory tests to onsite technical tests and assessments, turf nutrition support and irrigation advice – we’ve got you covered.  

Synthetic Sports Surfaces

NZSTI is at the forefront of synthetic surface testing and assessment in New Zealand. We provide both on-site and laboratory testing services for the verification and quality assurance of materials. 

We also design and oversee construction projects for synthetic sport surfaces. 

Project Management & Surface Construction

From inception to sign-off, we’re equipped to manage your turf construction project. Our ‘hands-on’ agronomist design team provides detailed construction specifications and drawings, expert advice on turf selections and materials, and supervises the work throughout the project. With an impressive portfolio of some of New Zealand’s most prestigious stadia, golf courses and sport facilities we are undoubtedly the most experienced turf-related project management team in New Zealand. 

Turf Management Journal September 2023

 TURF Journal

June 2024 Edition:


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  • Changes to the FIFA Quality Programme
  • New 8-part series: Fundamentals of Fertiliser